Sunday, September 28, 2014

[Video] VRCLAY:Oculus Rift + Razor Hydra = A new awesome way to 3d modeling & sculpt


Virtual 3D sculpting apps are not a new thing, but they’re one of those experiences that never stops being cool. The advent of fairly inexpensive household electronics that can be used in virtual 3D sculpting opens up an interesting new door for 3D design, and the folks at VRClay have an amazing demonstration of what that might look like. With games like Microsoft’s Project Spark trying to make digital 3D modeling something fun that anyone can do, it becomes increasingly apparent that consumer-grade technology really can encourage anyone to try and create their own concepts in a digital 3D space. When you throw in things like 3D printers, the overall scope becomes such that any creative person can quickly build whatever they can imagine right in their own home. The only real challenge at the point is making sure the user has the tools necessary to take that vision and move it to the digital world. 3D designers have been doing this with a keyboard and mouse for years, but if you take things like the Razer Hydra and combine it with an Oculus Rift, you can create an experience that will better encourage creativity.
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