Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cars 2 Review

I watched Cars 2 twice. I m convinced tht smething seriously went wrong with the film. Taking in note tht th film has been directed by John Lasseter. I think wht is to blamed is not just the direction but for most, the story.
Whn the movie starts, instead to connect it to the prequel it jumps on to mc missile in oceans. Which was quite confusing. It takes quite sometime to understand what is happening. Actually, tht too is a problem, he story is a spy flick most of the time goes into setting the plot. (which is very confusing)loads of cars most of them new and giving  Hard time to remember...whos is who:-). Its quite common tht the person sitting next to u asks..."whts going on?". I knw this may sound rude but really the stuff is hugely confusing.
As for the appreciation now. I dont think with pixar making a film, great quality animation is in question... Its superbly done with loooooaaaads of microdetails and loads of research. But as i hav had a running taste of kungfu panda and rio whr i was laughing and njoing the film with great comic timing. Cars 2 tries to be more serious and bond-ish film... But just with cars loads of them n no gals..:-(. Thts too a downer. Comparatively the second half of the film is still better. Its.the pacing tht increases n doesnt let you slip into depression.
I love pixar. They are the best studio outthr. Making mistakes will anyway better them. I hope 'Brave' will be the answer to shut mouths of critics like me. I wish cars 2 never gets repeated.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Disney Pixar Brave: Official Teaser Trailer 1

Disney Pixar Brave is the latest upcoming animated film by the studio. This is the Pixar's First Fairy Tale kind film. So you can conclude, Disney has started to inject thr experience into Pixar! It looks gr8. Add comments on how you feel about it!


First Look @ Pixar Brave Characters, Pixar's Latest Movie.

A First Look at Brave's Characters, new Pixar movie

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rocketeer: Awesome Shortfilm- UPDATED: With Making

Cartoon Brew:
"Always loved Commando Cody and was the biggest fan of Dave Stevens’ homage The Rocketeer. Disney made a live action film in 1991, so why couldn’t Pixar make a new one today? French animator John Banana couldn’t wait ad made this “fan film” in tribute to Stevens and his creation"

Here is the Short Film 

The Rocketeer 20th anniversary from John Banana on Vimeo.

MAKING (Video Requires Password: Find it below)

And here’s a little look at the making of the new fan film - http://vimeo.com/25723375
Remember, you have to use the password bigfanboy to access those vids!  And now, on with the interview!

Happy Animating

Behind the Sound Of Cars 2

While I watched the film. One thing that was noticeably cool was the sound, Its done so neatly, Makes the experience much better. And then I found this video. XD

Soundworks Collection: The Sound and Music of Cars 2 from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great Tip To change Maya Key Color.

Something Cool That I found on Phillip's Blog. Read Below on what he writes or Read it here 


Thank the Lord. How many long suffering nights have I searched for this? Okay, to be honest maybe no more than two but still, I've always wanted to know how to do this.

I suck at MEL scripting or any kind of scripting for that matter. I could use the excuse I just don't have the patience for it but it's probably because I'm too lazy to learn it.

Aaaanyway, here is the MEL script to change the color of a key tick in the timeline in MayLinka. Wait for it...

keyframe -time `currentTime -q` -tds 1;

That's it. Add it to a shelf. After that just set a key, run the command, and then go to Window > Settings/Preferences > Color Settings, go to the Animation bar and change the Time Slider Tick Special color to whatever you want.

After you have run the script in the Script Editor...
Go to Window> Settings/Preferences> Color Settings (like this)

A new window will pop up. You'll want to click on Animation under the General tab. Look for Time Slider tick special. (like this)

It is set to green by default. Change it to any color you like. Blue starts with 'B' like BREAKDOWN so that's why I chose that color.

Thanks Phillip for the tip.

Smears & other Animation Gimmicks

I have been trying some cartoony stuff lately. I am so surprised and proud of the classic animation styles and gimmicks that were used to make the animation so entertaining. They still very much exist in the Timeline of a 3d animation Software and in creation of moving drawing using pencil. 

I strongly recommend getting Character Animation Crash Course! By Eric Goldberg, the master who animated Aladdin and Fantasia. 

Looks for some great examples below:

And Many More at LINK