Sunday, March 13, 2011

What do you do while you - Drive? Animate? Walk? Jog?. I have a great suggestion!

My today's post is based on my normal schedule. Every morning and evening I am driving about 1 hour between my work place & home. I always hated the time that I kill during the commute. So I tried something and it works awesome, infact I am totally loving it and is worth sharing!

The answer is PODCASTS. 

What is a podcast? (If you knw, you may skip the paragraph below.)

For the people who were avoiding this extremely 'in' term. A podcast is an audio or video based media file basically a non streaming web-cast. Its usually in mp4 or mp3 or aac. So it plays on mostly all Ipods and Multimedia basic Mobiles. All u need is Headphones.

Imagine listening to animators like Glenn Keane, Andreas Deja, Doug Sweetland, Pete Doctor and so many more..  I feel totally engrossed and motivated. I mean so much that I feel so gr8 to start my work after listening and I wish to drive back home listening to these legends.

I really want to encourage everyone to hear these podcasts. They are pure gold and free!

Here are some famous sites for podcasts.


Njoy. happy animating!


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