Saturday, December 26, 2009

3 Idiots.. A must watch for Animators :)

Yup you must be wondering, 3 Idiots is not an Animated Movie, Why would I refer it to animators.. Guys, I think you will agree that Animation is acting, Animation is Story telling also Animation is timing.. The movie is just too perfect in these areas.. its a complete study.

After hunting a lot for the tickets, we ultimately ended up getting them at a sub standard Movie Screen Near by.. The crowd was also not so good... so it added up on the experience as we entered the hall with a bit of hesitation.. Some portions of the roof torn.. We figured the EXITS first, just in case a fire broke out..we would rush to save ourselves.. :) (We really did that:)

Now the Movie started.. What I love about the movie was the portrayal of characters. I am so impressed now a days with the way indian cinema is working.. I really loved.. ROCKET SINGH.. Its an awesomne example of Character Portayal and connecting the story at the end. I just thought it was gr8 and then I watched 3 idiots today... and I have no words..

The script was taken from a book by Chetan Bhagat, Five Point Someone. Then fairly elaborated and edited to make it a perfect movie. Characters are so well played. Aamir is a great actor... But I never knew that R Madhawan cud be soooo good. Thr is a scene in the movie whn he get a letter from some internationally celebrated photographher, he preached.. This scene is a must hav reference guys.. its superb..

His excitement and conflict with in.. is one of the best ever pieces of acting.. I have ever watched.. The movie is Full of Humour, and lot of Heroic journeys in thr.. which makes ur pulse go wild... Its a fantastic Movie and a must watch..Also the best part is phasing.. How the timing gets increased the the movie speeds along with emotions.. Its like a wireless connection with the audience.. u feel so tied into movie...
{Added later: I watched the movie again today with my friends.. This time my eyes were fully tuned to watch some technical aspects.. The movie is wonderfully directed.
If you have watched the movie you will be able to relate...

I noticed that a well directed movie has all the story connections and logics.. like in the following scenes..

Scene: Delivery scene of Mona in the second half. You would hav noticed Aamir asking for a Vacuum Cleaner.. Believe me the director was so smart to establish a vacuum cleaner in Virus's room at the time Aamir went for stealing the paper.. It was thr.. well visible.. got established..:)

Scene: Webcam near a tt table? Got well established and looked comfy to ur eyes coz it was shown to u casually when Sharman Joshi was paralyzed and Madhwan was talkinf online with him...:) Its gr8.. Makes it feel so comfortable to ur eyes... u know its thr...

Scene: Thr is not even one shot of the mess in the movie.. no detail about where were they eating.. the hostel must hav had a mess :) U did not even miss it ...

I will surely put some soon as i get them.



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