Friday, September 25, 2009

Art Of Pixar's UP


One of the Best Shots in the Movie.. When Russell Meets Kevin :) Humorous.

Wanna meet the Kid who did RUSSELLS VOICE ... Here He looks a bit like him too ..:) (Embed Disabled, Follow Link)


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Watched, Up... I am SpellBound.

I watched it.. and I am totally stumped... How do these guys do it..??

Its my fav. pixar movie for now. Seriously the guys have set new standards. After Kung Fu Panda, people were comparing the quality at Dreamworks to be close to that of Pixar.. But now.. I think Dreamworks and all the other studios will have to work much much more to even touch what Pixar has achieved this time.

From the Characters to the Story.. Its 10 on 10...

My favourite characters are

Russell ( Small Boy) and

Baby Elie ( Carl's Wife) Superbly done...

She's on the left :)... Wow man... I am love again... hahha

I watched the movie in Tru 3d. Though I was not very happy with the Stereoscopic part... I was good and not over done.. Believe me.. Looking at all those movies with things just waiting to come out at you.. This one is a gr8 example of subtle and gr8 use of stereo images. :) Again.. Rocking :)

Its superbly comic.. One thing animators can really learn watchin this movie is how comic timing can be created and effectively used..,, The film deserves Frame by Frame Analysis.

In the credits I noticed that Pete Doctor just not Directed the movie but also did Story and Screenplay. Fantastic Job... I mean the guys must be unbelievably creative.

Watch it .. I might sound crazy for now but this is the effect of watchin such an awesome flick.

So this week More to come on UP... Its making, Interviews.. whatever I find ... Cheers.

Monday, September 07, 2009

4 “C”s to Great Cartoons

Danny Antonucci's 4 "C"s to Great Cartoons  

Lupo the Butcher

Danny Antonucci (Lupo the Butcher, Ed, Edd n Eddy) posted this refreshingly frank piece of advice on his Facebook page, and he's allowed me to share it with everybody on the Brew. Even with all his years in the biz, Danny hasn't forgotten what it's all about:

Danny Antonucci's 4 "C"s to Great Cartoons
1. CREATE (…new territories through art not technology)
2. CONTRIBUTE (…to the art form, not rape it for cash!)
3. CHALLENGE (…everything currently being done)
4. CHANGE (…don't redo, copy, or repeat)
If you can't adhere to any of these 4 "C"s, get the fuck out of animation.

(Article from Cartoon Brew)