Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This one for the hottest Window Dressing: Windows 7

From the day it has been announced, I have a feeling that this one is going to revolutionaries the way we work on windows. Though Vista gave me the same feeling and also proved that my sixth sense is not all that faith-worthy.:)

From touch screen interface to Mac type floating program's list to New Gestures to Fast and effecient computing. This is Windows 7 the all new from Microsoft famaily, all set to release by end of 2009.

From its interface to accessibility, Things seem to have been reworked. The interface was designed and some images are thr which show the preplanning sketches of windows 7 interface from Lava lamp to cool lighting effects..here are some crazy brainstorms...

Then comes the GOODIES PART. I have managed to find some cool wallpapers which are all set to be a part of this cool version. Here are the links, give your current windows desktop the face of future.


Lastly you may also like to see its new features and its working in realtime. Check these videos out.


Njoy Guys.


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