Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hi Everyone: Wall E coming our way.

Hello to everyone.

How are you all?
This friday, wall-e is coming up in cinema halls. Cool man.... Its one of the most awaited fims. Also most exciting part about the film will be not the film only but also the short film that they will show before the film. The new short film named 'Presto' has already earned lot of praise and is done in the style of the old warner bros animation style. Its directed by Doug Sweetland and famous animator at Pixar.
Look here for the upcoming film list.. Underground link ;) http://adisney.go.com/vault/supplement.pdf
Bolt from walt disneyDisney's "Bolt" Teaser Poster Is another movie that I want to watch as my Mentor Ethan Hurd is working on it. Its a dog story.
Keep Rocking
Lots of Love.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Update on my film

Hi everyone.

With what I feel must be my weakness during the creation of animation, I realize its actually the toughest part of making things look organic, More skin than rubber. its a tough thing to do. But still knowing your mistake can be treated as half solution.

Lets see what comes out. Right now I m splining (polishing) my animation.

Will soon disclose the Releasing date of the shot.