Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Making of Notes : Rare Delicacy - 1stJuly08

Hi let me start with My making of Rare Delicacy notes here. Here in I will discuss what I am doing everyday during the construction of my short film.

Date 1st July08

Today, I got a major help. After hesitating a lot. We went to the near by vet Dr.P K Arora, He has a clinic here in sector 17, Faridabad. I told him about my film and references required. He is so sweet. He offered help immediately. Nearly half of the credit goes to my cousin, Karan for pushing me to visit him. Although I know Karan cares nothing about the film, But he love dogs. He is so crazy that he even asked the doctor if he had any pups thr and he cud play with them for a while. Really man this guy is Crazy about dogs.

Well then today was the golden day. We went to doctors clinic about 12 pm and he was thr. He told his servant to get his dog. I asked him, which dog he had. He said proudly " Labrador" I said he must be very intelligent (as labras are considered to be very intelligent and friendly), He said that this labra was not that intelligent but was very naughty." I asked him, "naughty? Naughty in which sense?" He answered," Naughty in sense that he an eat ur hand if u try to feed him". And yes U all r right! We also had the same expression. Eyes wide open and kannu ( karan) and me, staring at each other. I could also see Karans love for dogs vanishing and a scared feeling taking over! :).

Finally our eye contact broke with a heavy "bow wow". Next moment we were behind the doctor. Trying to hide. The dog entered, he was a golden labrador. Nearly 4 ft in height. Hi face was so big that he could really chew our hand inclusive of our arm.

The doctor understood the shot and started to help us. We were scared but recorded the Videos we required. All in all it was a gr8 experience. Different people came to the clinic, along with thr dogs. We stood thr and recorded reference from many of them. Licking, Wagging, Tongue, Mouth, ears etc. I hope they prove helpful to me while animating too..:) Time to filter them with gr8 ones and not so gr8 ones...

:) Then after another funday we were back.

P.s. Ohh forgot to share. Few dayz back, Karan also helped me gettin a Pug ( Hutch Dog) from a nearby aunty. Karan aka Kannu, knows everyone who has a dog. As I told u, he love dogs more than girls. (Stop involving Physics! ;) So that pug. Though that pug was a help. But frankly speaking, He is not a complete dog. I mean no face, like he got hit by a truck on his face and it has gone flat, Then the tail, even the tongue, nothing as a common dog. SO after tiring myself on how to take him as close to my dog 3d model named Pawn, I had a very stinky, smelly, shitty(though karan helped with that, He is awesome, I love him), Hairy day. But all well that ends well. So now I am here, In my work area studying him, within the safety of my monitor... yahoooooooo


Cg_Icecube said...

Hahah! :D Great fun :) Btw my sister has "Cocker Spaniel" and i dont like him because he will chew everything except his chewstick :-/

Are you going to do all the production involved for your film??????????????????????????And when is the animatics coming out?!!?

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