Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ok.. So Am I Dead or something!

Fortunately No. I hav had a transformation though.. I look like humans now a days.. Ok bad joke..

Here. I have changed my work medium! Am (my school) Forced me to change the medium.. Look at my area of work!

My WorkArea Nowadays

So what am I working on here... Alright. I am working on my shortfilm. Have been drawing story boards and scribbling a lot. I love to doodle and thats what I am doing. Here check out.

Ok so now u must be wondering what is this thing.. Whats the story like, Whats the concept etc etc. Ok.. Here is a preview. This is how I pitched th story to my mentor. He was quite happy with the story, Lets see how u feel about it.

k I knw I need to go to a gym! ;)

I am working on the animatic, Half of which is nearly done. After its complete coming week, Wil be uploading for u guys.

Hope als well and u all are having gr8 fun!

Keep Rockin.

Thanks for ur appreciation letters of my small blog. U make it look gr8



Cupid's Best Pal said...

First things first.. . Yes, u do need a gym.

nd the story is pretty cool. Very filmy.

I liked it.. nw just waiting fr the final movie :D

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