Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hi everyone ;)

OKay that was very rude of me to not introduce myself. Or wait.. maybe i was so nervous about this whole thing... I get to author a blog and not just a regular blog.. Sandeep's Blog!..

Okay now first of all i'd like to thank Ekta Kapoor for believing in me nd balaji telefilms for giving me this role that i totally relate with, My crew... :D

oh nd yeah if u guys have an impression that i have a lil concussion in my brains, please hold that thought.

Okay so I'm Vishaal Sharma. An 18 yr old CG student. Just like all students of my age, i tend to make plans about how to make things work and a sort out a time table every now and then .. but nothing just seems to work.
I am determined to be a successful Animator though and am working on it. I am an opportunist. Atleast i try to be.

I hope to get along well with you readers :)

That's probably all about me.
Thanks for sticking by :)

PS: Thanks so much Sandeep for this opportunity :)


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