Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fun @ Entertainment City

Wow we (me,kajal,Ashu(kajal's sis) Had loads of fun at the Entertainment City, Noida. A simply 'wow' Experience on all those wornderful and scary rides. Its one of the best amusement park I have visited, A must visit place. Its at Sec 18, Great India Palace Mall. The mall itself is I believe Extra Huge. Gr8 Place. Will post few pics soon.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Edumation 08

Dream Alive Shot,an easy to learn shot We did for Training 900 school/College Students @ Edumation'08. Team Alive Rocked Everyone with its high profile Technical Team and Wonderful Presentations.

Love Sandeep

Animatic For Dream Alive

Dream Alive Animatic Shot, Easy to learn Shot, We did to train 900 School/College Students @ Edumation'08. Everyone at Team Alive Rocked The Audience with 'WoW' Presentations.

Njoy Sandeep

402 Workin on facials

Hi Everyone. Its exciting to see a baby speak, mine has just started to blabber a bit :)