Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fun @ Office... Just trying Improv.. Helps in Animation

Best of the team... Nicest of the friends... Only we can tell, How much we enjoyed this....



Alexiss Memmott said...

Hehe, I have no idea what you guys are doing but is quite fun to watch you keep running up the stairs!

Cupid's Best Pal said...

heeheehhee!!! that was a treat!!

btw.. y on earth wud someone name it 'dhanno ki Shaadi!!'

cgicecube said...

ROFL :D WTF (wat the Fun) LOL damn you actors! and of course the director of this act!!! Though I haven't still figured out...where was "dhanno"???

Anonymous said...

hahahah:) hi sandeeep!
i just kept laughing reading everyone's titles n i now can't get this 'saaas bhi.." song out of my head!!!! ohhh godd!:)
see ya:)tata!