Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Buddies Special Thanx to you for your support, feedback and help. You all hav been gr8.

Berm, David , Jay, Josh, Charly, Kurt, Marlon, Mathew, Michael, Paul, Ricardo,Russ, Sean.

Thank you n all the very best for class 2.
Best Regards



Will miss you
My Mentor Class 1 -PAUL ALLEN

This post is to tell you that U R APPRECIATED. Your efforts in making us good animators will not be waste. Thank you somuch.

Best Regards.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Stu Balance.111

'Balance' -- Check out the my sketches and implementation.


Hey.. This week we had to work more on the personality walk. Never believed that walk could be the toughest thing to do..As all said. NOW I AM ALSO IN THE SAME TEAM...WALKS ARE TORTURE N FUN... :)

Planning of the character personality walk

Check out (animation)(Quicktime Movie)

Revision for last week here (Changed the walk)(Quicktime Movie)


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stu Exhausted.

Hey my exercise on Stu-Exhausted. Although I have been asked for a revision on this. Still Posting check out.:)


Week 110

Characterizing a walk. Was a bit busy dint get much time to work on this. will be back with lot of better work this week. Keep Checkin

Characterized walk.(Happy) (Quicktime Movie)


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Showing 'Concern' with Stu

This exercise I love. I do it most creatively. Lets show Concerm with STU.


With only three weeks left in my first class @ animation mentor...It has been a tough, challenging but gr8 experience. Animation is all about some serious work on funny things..(mostly)

Walkcycle smoothed Checkout (Quicktime Required.)


Showing Strength on Stu.

Sketch and 3d conversion of Strength pose on Stu.


Heya..They are jerky, Cool, Lot of learning and one of the most toughest exercises in Animation. The ball has just started to stand on its legs now :) Here comes my first walkcycle with Animation Mentor. Boy....Its fun.

CheckOut (Quicktime Required)