Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fun...Life is all about it.. Part 2

Second Part...check out.

God's Own Kerela.

God's Own Sandeep :);) Just experimented:)

No Comments:)


Kasuali in Early Morning...Second to Heaven.

Check those fishes below. I loved what I clicked..Really.


Fun...Life is all about it.. Part 1

wow..last few months have added so much to my life.:) The Fun Factor.

My Website. ""

Hey all.
Finally its here.. The name will be (sandeep creations). This domain is now ours.:) Was just thinkin how will it look. its partly done. Very simple website, I dont know too much about webdesigning n flash..:) so its gotta be simple. here check out ...Coming soon.


The 1st class is gonna end soon just few more weeks.... Can't believe... I hope the fun we had doin the first one continues. My buddies here... Charly, Berm, Michael, Josh, Marlon ...all .. Hope to find the same classmates again :)

check out..this is not submitted...Few more tweaks to go. still check out this. I made this course to make the assignment little more challenging.

check out (quicktime 7 required).




Hey, Got rid of the ball this time (Just this time I suppose:)

check out (Quicktime 7 Required)



I have joined IIT for film making and animation. Its going too good.:) It feels so wierd to do things manually whn u know they can happen in an instant.:)

Here is my Assignment 105 @ AM Check out (Requires QuickTime 7)

It was time to go beyond the bouncing Ball now :)


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Click here to Open (quicktime 7 required)

Check out the very basic bouncing ball exercise. It involves weight tests of a heavy n a less heavy ball. It has been presented here in two versions.